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Babycastles and the Eyebeam Game Research Group

August 17 - 19
Eyebeam Art & Technology Center

Need more info?

Thank you to all the jammers who participated! 9 games were made over the course of the weekend. Check out the games below. Here's the final presentations, judging and awards video!
Submitted games:

When and Where

August 17 -19, 2012
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center
540 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011
(C,E to 23rd St.)

What will happen

Come make games with Babycastles & Eyebeam! Artists, programmers, musicians, underground martial arts tournament contestants, sailors, street performers, army colonels, post-apocalyptic survivalists!

At the jam, designers and creatives of all sorts will form teams to make games under tight time and thematic constraints. It's a way to meet new collaborators, keep your skills sharp, and think about games outside of your usual practice.

Friday 8/17

7:00PM - Doors open
7:30PM - Introductions, form into teams, get Van Damme film

Saturday 8/18


Sunday 8/19

7:30PM - Jam ends
Present your games to the public and a panel of distinguished judges in the closing showdown!

Be prepared

Teams will be formed on site, so all you need to bring is whatever you might want to make your game. Physical, digital and analogue games are welcome. We will provide internet and space to work.

Want to familiarize yourself with Van Damme's expansive filmography? This should get you started!

Bloodsport (1987) Netflix | Youtube
Cyborg (1989) Netflix | Youtube | Amazon
Lionheart (1990) Netflix | Youtube
Timecop (1994) Netflix | Youtube | Amazon
Streetfighter (1994) Netflix | Youtube | Amazon

Why the Jam?

Jean-Claude Van Damme has a rich film history which has influenced the culture of digital games. We can't ignore the impact of his first film, Bloodsport, on our favorite fighting games, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Van Damme even play Colonel Guile in the Street Fighter movie. His role in Lionheart as a courageous young fighter defending his brother's honor inspired the physical indie game hit "Hit Me!". With the release of the Expendables 2 on August 17th, we are holding Jean Claude Van Jam to deepen his filmography's expansive impact on games.

Who is JCVD?

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian martial artist, actor, and director best known for his martial arts action films. After studying martial arts intensively from the age of ten, Van Damme achieved national success in Belgium as a martial artist and bodybuilder, earning the "Mr. Belgium" bodybuilding title. He emigrated to the United States in 1982 to pursue a career in film, and achieved success with Bloodsport (1988)... The most successful of these films include Bloodsport (1988), Kickboxer (1989), Universal Soldier (1992), Hard Target (1993), Timecop (1994), Sudden Death (1995) and JCVD (2008). (From Wikipedia)

Jean-Claude Van Jam is organized by
Ida Benedetto, Kaho Abe, Ben Johnson, Matt Parker and Ramsey Nasser